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Renewable Energy - Part 4 - Wood log burners

Wood logs, suitable for burning in a wood log burner, are typically of the order of 50 to 80mm in diameter, and up to 500mm long, with 200mm in length typical in the U.K. They are of most interest to the residential user, as efficient systems exist for domestic heating, hot water and some for cooking, with a range of sizes to suit the size of any property...

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Renewable Energy - Part 3 - Wood fuel

Wood is a traditional fuel, it's use, no doubt, as old as the history of mankind itself. It is still currently the main source of heating fuel in Scandinavian and some European countries, but is now also regaining popularity in the U.K., due to a growing concern over global warming and environmental issues.

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Renewable Energy - Part 2 - Solar water heating

Water is circulated to a panel on the roof, where it is heated. The heated water is then circulated through a calorifier in the water tank serving the home. The solar panels are of three main types for solar water heating in the U.K..

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Renewable Energy - Part 1 - Global warming

Why use renewable energy? It is now officially recognized that the climate is changing as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels. While the full impact of global warming is not fully understood, it is expected that sea levels will rise over the coming millennia, perhaps as much as several meters. Some experts now consider this process to be irreversible, but still urge reduction in CO2 emissions, to limit further damage.

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Extending your home - Part 3 - Building contracts

Your architect or draftsman has safely negotiated the planning hurdles and has processed a set of construction plans through the Building Control department. You now have the permissions you need to start work. For many small residential projects, the design involvement by the architect, or draughtsman, is often curtailed at his point, unless that is, your project includes many bespoke architectural details and interior fittings...

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